Call For Papers:
The journal welcomes studies that reflect a broad set of issues on organization-market interaction in emerging economies and disclose their specific aspects
The journal ‘Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies’ seeks to contribute to the development and dissemination of multidisciplinary knowledge on organizations and markets in emerging economies, to increase dialogue among scholars with research interests in a specific issue, economy, or region.
The journal is open for:
* review articles that summarize and evaluate the current stock of theoretical knowledge on a specific issue;
* conceptual/theory building articles that develop propositions and outline directions for further research;
* empirical papers that study specific issues employing qualitative or quantitative methodologies.
Topics of special interest include:
1. Organizational learning and change in emerging economies.
2. MNE’s in emerging economies.
3. Alliances, networks and clusters in emerging economies.
4. Corporate and functional strategies in emerging economies.
5. Market development and consumer behaviour in emerging economies
6. Comparisons beween developed and emerging economies in terms of empirical findings as well as the fit of theoretical models. 
The submissions will be considered for the upcoming, as well as for or the later/subsequent issues of ‘Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies’.
Inquiries and papers should be sent by e-mail to
Please find more detailed information in the section for authors.
We look forward to your submissions